Let them praise His name with dancing. Psalm 149:3

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"I have been dancing at Erin's Dance Studio for the past 20 years. Erin is a knowledgeable professional, and has grown an equally valuable staff. Every person involved with Erin's Dance Studio is part of a family, and I am proud to say that I have been a part of such a great studio. Erin fosters a Christian learning environment, and truly has each student's best interest at heart. Students are able to learn at a high level and perform in a professional setting each summer. It is fun to watch children grow  into young adults and see the progression of talent that is acquired here."


- Jennie Baker

"Over the last ten years, our daughters have had a wonderful experience learning to dance at Erin’s Dance Studio.

The classes are always well organized, age appropriate, and fun. The music and dances are G-rated for all age  groups. At Erin’s,

no parent need worry about their daughters being  put on display with unseemly

dance movements or being exposed to distasteful music and lyrics."


"Erin carefully selects her instructors so they can have their unique talents while also

reflecting Erin’s respectful, kind, and caring philosophy of working

with students and parents alike. Erin is there for every class, every

week making sure everything goes smoothly and ensuring that students

and parents are well informed of schedules, events, and deadlines."

"It’s incredible how Erin not only knows each of the girls, she also knows each one’s abilities and skill level, both of which she and her staff work to  further develop each week of the class. The girls are never rushed to be advanced to classes for which they are not developmentally ready,  such as being on point! The coveted honor of having point shoes and then being on point is a  well-timed process during which the girls’

bodies are carefully conditioned  as they are taught how to be on  point correctly and safely. Erin keeps an eye on everything right down  to the condition of the girls’ point shoes to make sure the dancers stay safe and uninjured."

"Each week’s class is an event in itself, but of course the high point of the year is the recital. In the weeks leading up to the recital, the choreography of  dances almost magically comes together without the girls being rushed or having to feel stress about not being ready. The rehearsal, the day  before the recital, is not a day of toil and endless last-minute revisions (as is the case at some studios) because the teachers have done a fantastic job of instructing the girls throughout the year so  that they are well prepared for the big event. In preparation for the recital, every little detail is handled ahead of time including the selection and fitting of the girls’ costumes so that each dancer feels as special as she is to her family and loved ones, as well as to Erin and her team of teachers.  Each recital is a unique and wonderful  mixture of sights and sounds that the girls will long remember for years to come."


"Erin offers so many different options for the dancers to feel special including having  their names on that year’s recital t-shirt, professional photographs, and a professionally-made DVD of the entire performance. There’s never any pressure to buy any of the extras, but they are available to parents and students showing, once again, Erin’s attention to detail. We can’t say enough good things about Erin and her dance studio. The proof of our satisfaction is that we continue to send our girls to Erin’s because we’ve never been anything but completely pleased there!"


 - Chandra Byers


"Thirteen years ago our daughter Hannah embarked on a life-changing journey at Erin’s Dance Studio.  She has benefitted from quality dance instruction in an environment that encourages young people to strive for their very best while at the same time embracing dancers of varying abilities.  Ms. Erin and her carefully-selected teachers model high standards of character and transmit their passion for dance through classes that are both fun and well-structured.  After months of diligent preparation they present their best in a very professional, memorable recital.  Great care is given in the selection of modest costumes that complement the worth of every participant.  We are so thankful for all the ways that Erin’s has enriched our lives!


- Tom and Carol Halstead

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above." -James 1:17

I have been taking classes at Erin’s Dance Studio since I was three years old. I am graduating this year and unfortunately my time at the studio is coming to a close. I am so grateful that I have had the chance to grow up in such a fun-filled and educational environment. I look forward to going to dance every day and creating lasting bonds with classmates and teachers. I am so blessed that Erin’s Dance Studio played such a large role in my life."


 - Amelia


I will never forget the day (in 1977) someone came to our door with a flyer advertising Erin's Dance Studio.  While holding the flyer I looked at my mom and said " I want to take dance lessons, can I go there?".   I was three years old when I started dancing with Erin Wolfe, and danced with her studio all the way through High School (and briefly later on as an adult).  Erin quickly became like a second mother to me, and the studio was like a family. I became her assistant at the age of 12, and loved to help teach the younger kids.  Erin was not only a role model to her students, but all of her teachers, so it was easy to model her actions and teaching style and have the kids look up to me as well.


    Erin's training is the best in Omaha - she focuses on each and every one of her students, making lessons fun and fulfilling.  She acknowledges the talent and potential in her students, and really works to personalize and grow that according to each student. Her annual recitals have always been top notch - the time and personal choreography that she puts into each show is astonishing and shows through in every performance. I remember feeling like a star every summer while performing on the Orpheum Stage, and I know, after 37 years, her students still feel that way. I have seen several other Omaha studio's recitals, and NONE can compare to Erin's.


   Dance will always be a passion of mine, and a part of my life -  I can thank Erin and her Studio for nurturing my talent !!  


 - Dana